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My Migraine Story

My name is Jon, and I'm the Founder of Amia. I live in Austin, TX with my incredible wife, Montana.

I experienced my first migraine at 7 years old. It happened while I was attending a funeral of a friend on my soccer team who had just passed away in a fatal plane crash. He was flying from the United States to Colombia to visit his father with his brother and mom. It’s a completely tragic story. Halfway through the funeral, I started seeing flashes of light across my eyes and I told my mom, who became petrified that I was experiencing a stroke, and took me to the hospital.

I’m now 36, and I’ve suffered from migraine ever since. I have “cluster” migraine, which means I receive on average 3-5 migraines over the span of 1-2 weeks, then I go into a remission for around 2 months. Then, the cluster strikes again. Kind of like clockwork.

For years I just lived with it and took my medicine like the doctors told me. But what really lit a fire under me to make a change happened in January of 2023.

My wedding date was set for April 1st, 2023 (nope, not a joke!). On January 13th, I received the first of 12 migraines. Yes, 12!! The 12 migraine cluster lasted for 3 weeks and ended on February 5th. Knowing my wedding was just under 2 months away, I knew I had to make a change quickly to avoid a migraine attack ruining my wedding day.

My Migraine Story

That’s when I came across Dr. David Buchholz’s famous book, Heal Your Headache. In short, Dr. Buchholz, Associate Professor of Neurology at Johns Hopkins, believes you can control your headaches, not just through medication, but through avoiding “rebound” and implementing what I’m coining a “Trigger Free” diet.

I immediately made changes to my diet and needless to say, I had an amazing migraine-free wedding and I’ve seen a significant impact on the frequency of my migraines ever since. In fact, I’ve seen about a 65% reduction in my migraine frequency since adopting the diet.

So now I’m a believer. And I’ve made the necessary changes to my life to take full control over my migraine attacks.

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Of course, everyone has different triggers and I understand it's a neurological challenge we all face. There are no guarantees. But, it's worth giving anything a shot, especially when it's safe and diet related. That's my philosophy!