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The Trigger Free diet is supported by a number of migraine specialists and neurologists who understand that what we put in our body impacts our health. However, because there are so many variables at play when it comes to migraine disease, isolating just one variable can be challenging. With that said, there are several scientific studies that show positive correlation between the frequency of migraine attacks and dietary modifications

Neurologist Dr. David Buchholz

The Trigger Free diet was inspired by the book Heal your Headache by Neurologist Dr. David Buchholz of Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Buchholz spent over 3 decades as a neurologist specializing in migraine and headache. He believes in food as a remedy for controlling migraine. He treated thousands of patients with an elimination diet over the course of 3+ decades to determine the most common triggers associated with migraine attacks.

Amia was created from the inspiration and teachings of the book.

Additional research was done to validate the findings from Dr. Buchholz.

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Correlation Betweeen Migraine & Food

“There was in fact a significant relationship between headaches and consumption of some food items”

National Library of Medicine

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Elimination Diet Migraine
Elimination Diet Studies

Elimination diets led to a significant reduction in baseline levels in the average number of attacks, maximum attack duration, average attack duration, and maximum attack severity

Headache Journal

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