Finally, Migraine- Friendly Food

Nutritious, on-the-go, snack bars for people living with migraine. Our bars are made free of the most common triggers so you can feel confident in every soft, delicious bite.

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Migraine Friendly Snacks - Migraine Triggers Diet

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Nut Free


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Gluten Free

The foods you consume every day may be contributing to the frequency of your migraine attacks

Foods like nuts, soy, gluten, chocolate, citrus fruits, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, and more have been linked to migraine. Our bars are made free of all common triggers and packed with a nutritious blend of trigger free oats and seeds.


Real Migraineurs, Real Reviews

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Love these!!

They are delicious and I know none of the ingredients are going to trigger me. I eat one almost everyday and keep one in my car in case I need a snack. All the flavors are good and they are filling while not being high caloric. Highly recommend. We have a subscription and I finish before the next one comes.

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Alicia A

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SO GOOD!!! 11/10

These cookies are absolutely delicious!! My mom and I have struggled with migraines for years and the cookie didn’t trigger a reaction at all. If anything they made us feel great!! Can’t wait to try the other flavors!

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Amazing Trigger-Free Option!

As someone who suffers from migraine and enjoys eating bars on the go, these are outstanding. They are a great option for those who need mobile fuel that you know won't trigger a debilitating migraine in the process. The coconut provides the perfect amount of sweetness (not too sweet) and the texture is fantastic - tastes freshly baked.

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Parker S

Recommended by top Neurologists


These bars address several problems patients with migraines face. The problem with most snacks is that they have too much sugar, or they contain artificial sweeteners, preservatives, chocolate, or other triggering ingredients. I am happy to recommend these bars to all my migraine patients.



Founder & Director of NY Headache Center. Author, Migraine Specialist

Migraineurs: We See You. We Hear You.

Our Promise To You

We can’t promise your migraine attacks will completely go away. But we can promise our foods are free of all common triggers and are reviewed and approved by top neurologists.

Delicious, On-The-Go Snacks

Clean, Migraine-Friendly snacks are hard to find. Between peanuts, almonds, dairy, soy, gluten and chocolate, it’s hard to find on-the-go snacks you can trust.

Live Your Best Life

Nothing is worse than missing life’s best moments due to a migraine attack. Our goal is to make sure you keep your zest for life, and that migraine doesn’t get in the way.

Head Health Ingredients

We pack our bars with some of the most natural foods on earth.

Each bar is baked with migraine in mind, including main ingredients like gluten-free rolled oats, pepita seeds, ground flax, hemp hearts and chia seeds. And, there's just enough natural sweeteners like brown rice syrup and agave to give it that mouth-watering flavor.

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hemp hearts

Hemp Hearts


Ground Flax

chia seeds

Chia Seeds

pepita seeds

Pepita Seed

The Medical Industry's Take on Diet and Migraine

Correlation Betweeen Migraine & Food

“There was in fact a significant relationship between headaches and consumption of some food items”

National Library of Medicine

National Library of Medicine

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Elimination Diet Studies

Elimination diets led to a significant reduction in baseline levels in the average number of attacks, maximum attack duration, average attack duration, and maximum attack severity

Headache Journal

Headache Journal

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Why I Started Amia

I’ve lived with cluster migraine since I was 7 years old. My first migraine attack hit me at the funeral of a friend who had just passed away in a plane crash on his way to visit his family in Colombia.

Fast forward 30 years and in January of 2023, I was hit with the largest cluster I had ever gotten; 12 migraine attacks in 3 weeks.

I knew I had to find a better way to control my migraines. I came across the book ‘Heal Your Headache’ by Dr. David Buchholz at Johns Hopkins University who worked with migraine patients for 3 decades and used an elimination diet to understand the most common migraine triggers.

After reading the book, I decided to cut out many of the foods he recommended eliminating, and within 3 months, I had seen a 65% decline in my migraine frequency. Right then and there, that’s when I decided to start Amia to help other people just like me.